16 week Marathon Training plan- Intermediate

This is a focused 16 week marathon plan geared towards a runner currently running 20- 25 miles per week and currently capable of completing a 10 mile run fairly comfortably. This progam consists of 3 runs per week. You are encouraged to cross train an additional 2-3 days per week as well (although not included in the schedule). This is a great plan for a triathlete who wants to focus on the marathon but not lose all their fitness in swimming and cycling. Each run has a pace determined by the runner's current fitness level (recent 10k run time). A pace calculator is included to set the proper pace zones. Detailed instructions are also attached. I have had great success with this training plan, with all sorts of runners, from beginners to quite advanced athletes, having used this plan to set PRs and qualify for Boston. Good luck!

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