16 Week Mental Toughness Training

All athletes that want to work on their mental toughness and get the edge over their competitions.

Mental Toughness Training is very personal. It’s unlike swim, bike and run workouts where we can brag to our workout buddies about how far or how fast we went in last week’s workouts. It’s best to keep this to yourself. Journal about it

This 16 week plan starts by looking at a few of what we think of as limitations and addressing them mentally. From there we will focus on our strengths, create our Desire Statements with Rewards. The Desire Statement is a huge part of this plan. It will be printed on the fronts of your eyelids by the time race day comes around. Throughout the plan we will build in some visualization techniques to better prepare us for race day including the good and the bad. The better mentally we are prepared for a great performance the better physically we will be prepared as well. There is a very close mind-body connection that we will be tapping into and optimizing.

The exercises that are included in this plan are meant to be done when you have time to focus on this work; away from the computer, the TV and other people. Take the time.

This plan should be tied to your big A race for season. The end date of this plan should be one week past this A race.

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