18 weeks of Strength Workouts to Add to Your Current Routine

*** NOTE THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE BIKE WORKOUTS ... ADD THIS TO YOUR CURRENT ROUTINE*** A Gym and free weights are used in this plan. Email for an adjusted plan. 2-3 days a week building through following phases: 1) body weight adaptation (3 weeks) 2) free-weight adaptation (3 weeks) 3) max strength - 3-4 weeks 4) max strength - 3-4 weeks 5) Max Strength - Endurance 3-4 weeks 6) Maintenence - 3+ weeks Goals - Improved movement quality through ROM including tissue quality. -> allow increased # of positions on bike to be used comfortably and powerfully -> enhance bike position/efficiency -> Reduce Injury (shoulder/hip strength / mobility) -> address injury (mobility during sessions) -> Build strength and resiliance for on bike and off bike challenges (hike-a-bike, crashes, kids jumping on you!) Please feel free to email me peterglassford@gmail.com for more or get a 3-month Custom plan for $100 at www.smartathlete.ca to have the plan designed to you, your goals and your schedule. Thank you for checking out my plans! (last update spring 2015)

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