18 WK Fatman To Half Marathon. Weight Loss and Testosterone Enhancing 1/2 Marathon Plan

Be All the Man You Can Be. How to Improve Your Athletic Performance, Regain Your Sexual Vitality and Simply Feel Better while training for a half marathon. 18 week training plan. Testosterone is a critical hormone that keeps men healthy and strong throughout their lives. Recent research indicates that stress, environmental toxins and other consequences of modern life reduce testosterone to unhealthy levels. Could you be suffering from low testosterone and not even know it? Stop for a moment and think about how you really feel. Do you find yourself living a successful life without any energy to actually enjoy it? Do you work hard to stay in shape but find that you aren’t making any measurable progress? Does it sometimes feel that the harder you workout, the worse you feel? Do you sometimes feel that you’re just not the man you used to be? Don’t let anyone convince you that this is normal, or that it’s just a ‘natural’ part of aging process. Lose weight and increasing testosterone levels. while training for a 1/2 marathon. This program includes: How to test your testosterone without having to see a doctor. What are the "optimal" hormone levels? Not normal levels but the "optimal" levels. Testosterone enhancing diet and supplement protocols. Performance, Fat Loss, Nutrition Solutions from Dr. Jeff Banas All training plans include a 50% discount for a personal consultation with Dr. Jeff Banas. This is an opportunity to talk personally with Dr. Banas about your race schedule, fitness or fat lose goals, supplement suggestions, sleep and recovery options, stress, performance bio-hacks and even blood or lab test that may be helpful for you. The normal cost for a 20 min consultation with Dr. Banas is $97.00. However, since you purchased this training plan, you can get a 30 to 45 min consultation with Dr. Banas for only $47.00. If you want to take the next step and personalize your fitness goals, please go the the below link and download the New Client Coaching form, fill it out and email it to drjeffbanas@gmail.com. http://physiotherapyaz.com/new-patient-forms/ Then just make a $47.00 PayPal payment to drjeffbanas@gmail.com. Once these are done, Dr. Banas will review the information sheet and contact you within 48 hours to set up a time to talk on the phone or by Skype. If you have any other information, such has blood or lab studies, x-ray or MRI reports, please also send those to Dr. Banas.

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