2.5 to 4 Hr MTB Race - 3 Training Days/Wk - Competitor

[ Ideal Target Race -> 2.5 to 4 hour target event. [ Who Is This For -> - Strong race finisher or current mid pack racer. - This plan assumes you have been doing some recent riding and have some level of base cycling endurance. [ Racing During The Program -> Please do… - Race simulation rides are included in the later weeks of the program so you can dial in your race pace on terrain similar to your target race or do some actual racing. - Test sessions, either trail time trials or threshold tests are scheduled at the end of recovery weeks and are ideal sessions to swap for weekend races throughout the training program. [ Timeline Overview -> This program is 19 weeks long and has enough time to focus on building a deeper base of endurance and race specific fitness. The first 8 weeks are focused on endurance and strength before moving into the next 8 weeks that build more race specific fitness. These periods are followed by 2 taper weeks and then your final race week. I have provided recommendations on how to adjust the schedule for various timeline situations in the Program And Workout Modifications section. Max individual workout ride time - 3 hours Max weekly ride time - 6 hours and 13 minutes

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