2 Gym Sessions per week - Strength Endurance for Mountain Bikers

Our Strength and Conditioning Programmes have been developed over years of working with mountain bikers. Kenny Johnstone is a Sports and Exercise Science Lecturer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for Napier University and Borders College and he has written this programme specifically for mountain bikers. Riders he has coached in the past have gone on to win World and National titles. It’s this real world success that gives us full confidence in our Programmes. We’ve done all of the hard work so that you don’t have to. During this 28 day programme the main fitness component being worked on is strength endurance thus increasing both the ability of functional muscle groups to produce work and force. Those new to Olympic lifting, the primary emphasis is on the three key aspects of lifting, technique, technique and technique. In order to start the process of increasing the ability of muscle groups we will be building as quickly as possible to 5 sets of 8 exercises at 8-10 reps. The training process you will undergo will illicit physical changes to you that will facilitate your performance as a competitor but only if you take part as prescribed.

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