2 Sessions/Wk – Long Course Bike Plan for Athletes with a 10 mile TT of 20 mins or less (Comp)

10 mile Time Trial = 20 mins or less. Number of bike sessions per week available = 2. This is a Long Course Triathlon bike training plan for the Competition phase, lasting 8 weeks. This plan is designed for athletes with a 10 mile Time Trial result of 20 mins or less who are able to train in this discipline 2 times per week. Duration of the sessions are no more than 6 hours and the maximum volume per week is 12 hours. If you are currently unable to train for 6 hours at a time, then we strongly recommend completing one of our pre season plans. This plan starts at any time you choose. For more information on which is the right plan for you, visit www.tritrainingharder.com

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