2-Week Overload and Peak (MTB)

This is a "mini-peaking" block to be used during the season. If a heavy racing schedule prevents a lengthy, gradual build followed by a lengthy taper, this plan has been shown scientifically to be just as effective. The basic approach is a 7-day overload, followed by a 5-day step taper. Fatigue should peak at the end of the load period and freshness should improve each day during the taper. You should flush nearly all residual fatigue by the end of the taper. Legs should feel "VERY GOOD" by end of taper. Some individual experimentation may be appropriate if you find you need additional overload or additional recovery. The 7-day overload must actually be an overload. At the very least, this should be more high intensity than your typical week. Overall time on the bike may be slightly reduced. From a TSS perspective, the overload week should be one of your higher weekly TSS values. Additional TSS (up to 400) can be added by extending rides to 1:30 with additional Zone 2 time. This plan is appropriate for ROAD or MTB.

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