20 Week base training

20 week winter base training plan for triathletes. Max volume per week= 10 hours, with long rides on Saturdays and rest days on Mondays (this can be adjusted if requested or if you have a premium account) This plan is best suited to those who have the ability to train once a day during the week (except for one day) and time to train for up to 3 hours per day at the weekend. Having a heart rate monitor and GPS running watch is very beneficial when following this plan, a power meter is not required. For a full explanation of swim pacing system and how to use it email Louis at Lrmultisport@gmail.com There is a free 4 week preview of this plan on my training peaks store page so you can try before you buy! If you would like the plan customised to you then email us at louis@lrmultisport.com

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