20 Week Month Men's Muscle Building Plan

Questions for the Skinny Guys Who Wonder What This Training Plan is All About:

Are you a thin or lean body type who has always struggled with skinny arms, skinny legs, or a flat chest?

Do you feel like you have bony shoulders, elbows and knees with little to no muscle mass development?

Do you constantly waste time at the gym trying to figure out how to build mass and get bigger?

Then this 20 week program will suit your needs. Ben Greenfield, one of the top personal trainers in the nation, knows exactly how to make you huge and ripped. In college, he morphed from 170 pounds and 9% body fat up to 205 pounds and 3% body fat – and he used the exact secrets that he now shares in this training plan.

So if you’re a skinny guy who is ready to get big, this plan is for you!

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