20 WEEK Silver Olympic Distance Race Plan (SATURDAY RACE DAY)

This Olympic distance training plan has been developed to improve performance for athletes who have completed Olympic distance events before and are hunting a PB or have done so with very little structure to their training, it is also a fantastic program for individuals making the step up from a Sprint distance performance base and wanting to do it well. This program integrates testing to allow you to train within optimal intensity zones and all tests and the zones derived from them are usable with heart rate, GPS or power training devices. Key to this program is time efficient training and each week you will gain the confidence that every effort you make is taking you closer to your performance goal, with specific work we balance this with specific recovery to allow you to adapt and recover building your fitness so a minimum of one non training day is included within each week. If you want to perform well and make the most of your training time and efforts then this is the program for you.

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