20 WK Custom Built Training Plan. Triathlon - Run - Weight Loss By Dr Jeff Banas

20 week custom built training plan.

Dr Jeff Banas will personally build a 20 week training plan specifically for you.

This plan will be built in Training Peaks.

You will tell Dr. Banas what you are training for, what days a week you can train, what type equipment you have and any other information you feel will be helpful.

After you purchase the custom training plan, please fill out the new client information sheet and email it to Dr. Banas @ drjeffbanas@gmail.com

Once Dr. Banas receives the interview for he will contact you to set up a personal Skype or phone consultation where he can get more details about you and your training.

He will the deveop your personal training plan with in 48 hrs.

When you purchase this plan, please fill out the interview form in the attachment and email it to drjeffbanas@gmail.com

You must email or call Dr Banas to tell him you purchased a custom plan. If you do not contactb him he will not know you purchased the plan

Dr Jeff Banas drjeffbanas@gmail.com 480-633-6837 Text to 480-201-5694

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