2015 Youth Elite Triathlon Training Plan-12 weeks

This 12-week triathlon plan is intended for the youth elite level triathletes. This training plan is designed specifically for youth ages 13-15 years olds who have competed in triathlons in the past and are seeking to compete in the ITU (draft legal) Youth Elite style of triathlon. This plan is designed to improve your performance while preparing to compete in youth elite triathlons in 12 weeks. This is a detailed 12-week plan, it will help you improve on your basic non-draft legal level of training and experience and provide a formal periodized triathlon program. You should be able to train 5 days per week with some days consisting of two workouts in order to start this plan. These workouts will follow a periodization approach to your training. At the end of this plan you will be ready to perform at a higher level during your youth elite distance triathlons. Qualifications: Age 13-15 years old Must be in good heath with no medical conditions or cleared by a licensed physician Should possess a road bike, no triathlon bike use for ITU style racing Should own or purchase a Heart Rate Monitor Ideally own a bike stationary trainer or computrainer Able to swim freestyle or front crawl for 200 meters without stopping Able to bike 5 miles without stopping and have bike handling skills Able to run 2 miles without stopping

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