2016 NICA PRE-Season High School JUNIOR-VARSITY mountain bike training plan

This high school mountain bike training plan is for the JUNIOR-VARSITY level racer peaking for the 2016 NICA race season. JV is a diverse category. This plan is appropriate for the experienced racer who wants to train hard, maximize performance and reach the podium. This is a challenging training plan for a JV rider. This training plan is not appropriate for beginner riders and first time racers.

This 12 week PRE-season training plan will gradually ramp up your fitness, strength and threshold power in preparation for regular-season training. After this 12 week plan you will enter the regular training season as one of the top riders on your JV team.

Varsity riders shredding trail

Begin this training plan 12 weeks prior to the start date of your NICA league regular training season. Regular season training starts for fall leagues on July 1 and spring leagues on December 1. Colorado starts on August 1 and Tennessee starts on the Monday of the week after the week of July 4. Start this training plan 12 weeks prior to the above dates.

A heart rate monitor is required to follow this training plan. A power meter is an optional extra advantage that can be used with this training plan but is not required. A mountain bike is required to follow this training plan. A road bike is an optional extra that is not required.

This plan contains four training rides, two core training sessions and four stretching sessions per week. Every Sunday is a rest day.

Visit our LW Coaching high school athlete resources page for information geared towards the high school athlete, to ask training plan questions on our forum and read mountain bike specific training articles.

When the NICA regular-season starts, LW Coaching recommends student athletes participate fully with their high school team training program and local high school coaches. Independent athletes without a team have the option to follow on with our LW Coaching 2016 NICA regular-season Junior-Varsity mountain bike training plan.

NICA coaches are not eligible to work with student-athletes during the pre-season under the NICA team training limits rule. This training plan is written for student-athletes to follow independently.

This training plan and the forum support provided are designed for an individual user. Please do not duplicate, distribute or share this training plan. Copyright 2015 LW Coaching.

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