2016 NICA REGULAR-season high school TEAM mountain bike training plan

This REGULAR-season TEAM training plan is designed for NICA head coaches to use to coach every athlete on a typical NICA team from Varsity podium level to rank beginner. Training each day is split up by 6 levels or groups. Group 1 consists of the fastest and most experienced riders and group 6 the beginner student-athletes. Specific training for each group 1-6 is provided every day on this training plan. This is a plug and play season training plan for a NICA head coach.

High school mountain bike training plan

Regular-season training starts for fall leagues on July 1 and spring leagues on December 1. Colorado starts on August 1 and Tennessee starts on the Monday of the week after the week of July 4. Start the regular-season TEAM training plan on the Monday of the week your regular-season starts. If any practices fall before the regular-season start date, designate them as “pre-season team activities” to ensure you are covered by NICA insurance (see page 65 in the 2015 NICA Rules & Guidelines book for this rule definition).

Workouts on this LW Coaching training plan can be paced by heart rate zone (HRZ) or perceived exertion (PE). Instructions on setting heart rate training zones and PE pacing guidelines are integrated into the plan.

Coach Lynda tips are provided along the way in the plan to help you coach your entire team through the regular-season.

This LW Coaching training plan is designed for one team. Please do not duplicate, distribute or share this training plan. Copyright 2015 LW Coaching.

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