2017 LEADVILLE 100 MTB: 33-week Complete Training Program - PR Plan!

This is our Leadville MTB training program. Includes: Base Prep, Base, Race Prep and Race, totaling 33 weeks to get you ready to PR Leadville! Same program I followed in 2015 that took me to a 7-hour finish. ---BASE PREP PHASE: 9 weeks designed for Marathon MTB racers coming off a short break from the completion of their previous season. After this short rest period, it's time to get back on the bike with some light, fun riding while focusing energy on strength development in the gym and aerobic fitness on the bike. The first three weeks of the program eases you into a weight training program (a 12-page detailed document is included via email), followed by 5 weeks of a 3 days per week strength building program. Riding throughout this phase is intended to be fun and aerobic in nature to allow for proper strength gains while saving the structured riding for the next phase. Riding can easily be substituted with cross-training activities like running, rowing, hiking, XC skiing, snowshoeing, etc. The 9th week of the program is a recovery week to absorb the strength gains and provide recovery for the next phase of training. ---BASE PHASE: 12 weeks, designed for cross country racers looking to improve their cycling fitness over the "non-competitive" part of the season (commonly referred to as the "off-season"). The programming includes our highly successful 12-week Stationary Trainer Series set of training sessions. The workouts are designed to improve your complete cycling ability for off-road racing. The series begins with leg-speed and cycling-specific strength development, then progresses to build aerobic endurance before adding in intervals at and above your lactate threshold. Included is a very detailed desciption of the equipment you'll need, target training zones, intervals and session layout. There are twelve 75-minute progressive workouts, intended to be performed 1-2 times per week. A progressive aerobic strength ride is included on the weekends as well as 1-2 additional endurance rides are included for maximum training gains. ---RACE PREP PHASE: 10 weeks designed to sharpen up race day fitness leading up to your competitive season and A-priority event of the year. This 10 week segment is set up as 5 two-week blocks, with each block focusing on a specific energy system expanding through anaerobic power, vo2 max, lactate threshold, aerobic threshold and aerobic endurance. Along with the quality sessions, there are weekly endurance rides, recovery rides and strength maintenance sessions to solidify your fitness. ---RACE PHASE: the last 2 weeks are the final piece of the puzzle for our MTB program, that includes a taper and peak into your goal event(s). This final 2 week segment is set up with one week to 'de-load' and absorb all your training up to this point, followed by race week that includes some sharpening sessions to get you to the start line ready to rip! ---INCLUDED with your training plan purchase is the ability to email us with questions as you follow our plan: info@sessions6.com. Good luck and have fun! ---DETAILS: -Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced (program adjustable in both volume and intensity) -Number of Weeks: 33 -Training Days per Week: 4-7 (written for 6-7 days, but can be consolidated to as few as 4) -Training Hours per Week: 7-15+ (depending on your preference of riding/aerobic volume) + two "big volume" weeks at the end of the Race Prep Phase asking for 15-20+ hours if possible. -Equipment Needed: gym equipment, HRM, power meter is preferred.

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