2017 Leadville Trail 100 MTB with altitude training

Whether you're planning to ride the Leadville 100 for the first time or are aiming for one of the coveted belt buckles, train smart to boost your fitness and taper to the race! This plan assumes you've been building up some base miles this winter and are now revved to work on getting stronger & faster! With 1-1.5 hours to train M-F and more time on the weekends, this plan will help you boost your Chronic Training Load (CTL) and increase both your threshold power output and endurance. You'll want to do a 20min Field Test to set your training zones before beginning this plan and before the race so you can set your Training Zones accurately. This plan includes the FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet for setting all of your training zones! This plan also includes recovery techniques for rest days, Yoga, foundation work and some conditioning exercises that you can do off the bike to maximize your readiness for Leadville! You'll be starting out on the road until the trails are clear enough to ride, then it's trail time! As race day gets closer, there's recommendations for rides at high altitude to get your body adjusted to the extra stress of racing at elevation! Be sure you're fueling really, really well for these rides! There's also an optional 50 mile trail race as a fun goal before Leadville if you like!

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