2017 NYC Half Marathon - Couch to Half Marathon - Official Plan for Children's Tumor Foundation

The Official Training Plan for the Children's Tumor Foundation NF Endurance Team. This plan is designed for individuals who are active but don't really consider themselves a runner. This plan will gradually increase your training in order for you to get to your race healthy and injury free. The plan starts with Run/Walk workouts, then to run-only workouts. If you feel you still need walk breaks, they can easily be taken during the recovery periods indicated. You will get in all your key running workouts while supplementing your training with two cross training days a week to keep you balanced and in order to get to your half marathon fit, healthy, and ready to run your best. It includes strength training, days off, and active recovery days. This plan gradually builds your long runs leading up to race day. A document explaining effort/zones/intensity levels is included for reference. I use traditional periodization for this training plan that starts with a base, then goes into strength, speed, and then a taper. If you're not currently running the mileage prescribed in the workouts, you should start by gradually building up for a few weeks or months (depending on your starting point) before starting this plan. For customized training plans that take your strengths & weaknesses into account, please visit http://riseendurance.com Visit http://RiseEndurance.com to sign up for our monthly newsletter where you'll get awesome articles, helpful tips, & stay on top of the latest happenings with Rise Endurance. Questions? Visit Coach Joan at http://RiseEndurance.com or e-mail info@RiseEndurance.com I look forward to helping you reach your potential. Happy Running!

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