23 week ADVANCED Ironman Training Plan 12-18 hrs/wk

This is a 23 week ADVANCED Ironman Training Plan designed for an athlete who is looking to be competitive in an Ironman. Before starting this program, athletes should be able to swim at least 2500 yds/mtrs in a session, run 60 minutes without stopping and ride 3 hours consecutively. Weekly hours range from 12-18 with the average at about 15. Included in each week are three to four swims, four to five runs, and three bikes. A recovery day is scheduled for each Monday. The longer brick workout is written for Saturday and the long run on Sunday. This plan takes a balanced approach to training and uses the philosophy of linear periodization. There is a base phase followed by a build phase then a two week taper phase. The two biggest determiners in successfully completing an Ironman are bike and run performance as a result these two sports are a key focus in this plan. This plan can accomadate an athlete who uses a heart rate monitor or who trains using the rate of perceived exertion scale. Attached is a document that details training terms and definitions. Feel free to contact Scott Iott at siott@trainingbible.com if you have any questions. Happy Training!!

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