23 weeks to 70.3 IRONMAN - BEGINNER

I am excited to present to you Team Sirius’s Beginner Half Ironman Training Plan. 23 weeks to prepare you for your key Half Ironman Race. This plan is perfectly suited for the enthusiastic age grouper who is limited on time, yet eager to complete their key race feeling fit, strong and satisfied. This plan ranges from 8 hours a week to a maximum of 15 hours. The plan covers all the bases, and leaves no stone unturned. I am also certain that it will keep you motivated, inspired and continually progressing! In buying this plan, you also have the option of signing up for one of two, of my Team Sirius Training camps in Boulder, Co. These camps will be held in April and July. They are 4 day intensive training camps, where you join up with fellow Team Sirius members and will learn from myself and some of my featured athletes. If you are time limited, yet eager to achieve your goals in this amazing sport, this plan is for you!!! For an additional price you can purchase one on one email sessions, or Skype calls with myself or my assistant coach, Rebekah Keat. The cost for this would be: 250.00/hr for myself. 100.00/hr for Rebekah Keat I hope that you take on this awesome plan. It will be awesome to welcome you to Team Sirius, and be a part of your quest for excellence!!!

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