Welcome to the Team Sirius 23 Weeks to IRONMAN Intermediate level Training Plan! This plan was designed for the intermediate age group athlete that has completed one full ironman distance triathlon and is looking to better their performance at the ironman distance. This plan will also suit someone with a decent level of fitness and strength. Motivated to take on the challenge of Ironman!! I am excited to bring you an ironman training plan that fully embodies my ironman training principles and methods. This plan contains the training philosophies with which I coach my team of athletes. Although you will not be receiving one on one daily coaching from me, you will be given a plan that, if followed properly, will lead you to great progress, and successful racing. I put my heart into this plan, and have not left out any of the ideas that I know have led to the success of my professional and age group athletes. I want you to not only achieve great success through this plan, but also to really enjoy it!! This plan is a 23 week build up to your goal Ironman Race. Before starting the plan, you must be relatively fit, injury free and with no health concerns. By relatively fit, I mean being able to: - swim 2km continuously - ride 2 hours - run 1 hour This plan ranges from 9 hours per week of training to 22 hours for the peak weeks (2 weeks specifically). A typical week includes 3-4 bike rides, 3-4 runs and 4 swims. 2 of the bike and runs come in the form of brick workouts. Every 4th week is an easier work load to allow for adaptation and recovery. You will find from this easier week, that you are able to absorb the training, recover mentally and physically, and thus arrive the next week at a greater fitness and performance level. It is so important to follow the principles laid out in the plan. That means to go easy when designated easy, and to go hard when designated hard. I have left no stone unturned in this training plan. You will have everything you need to build up successfully, and safely. Should you have races within this 23 week block, you can always purchase my separate taper training plan which is a 10 day plan that you would insert appropriately into this plan. So, let’s get you started on this amazing journey to be the best you can be. I hope you love it, and take great pride in executing it!! Siri:)

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