24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike - Personal Record Plan

This is the plan for a 24-hour solo endurance racer who has completed one or more 24-hour solos and is now ready to pick up the speed, ride faster and further in the 24-hours than before. This plan is detailed and committing, assuming performance at this 24-hour event is one of the top priorities in your life for the next 12 weeks. Your goal is to set a Personal Record distance in the 24-hour mountain bike race. The plan has big hours and hard training. It is an aggressive plan designed to push you to your limits in pursuit of a PR race. Prior to starting this plan you should be confident riding fast on dirt roads and single track and riding in close proximity to other racers, be comfortable riding in the dark and managing your equipment and lighting systems. You should have been riding 5-6 times per week and have a good aerobic and strength base established. Four hour rides have been a regular part of your riding routine for the past few months. This plan assumes you enter with an excellent fitness base and are spending the next 12 weeks putting a fine point on the 24-hour solo race specific aspect. You are peaking for this 24-hour race. Weekly total training hours range from 12 to 23. This includes 2-3 hours of strength training and stretching every week. The highest volume ride week is during plan week seven at 19 hours (plus 4 hours of off-the-bike strength and stretching work). Plan focus is on fitness building and less on the logistical and tactical aspect of executing a perfect 24-hour solo race. The longest ride of the plan is nine hours during which fueling, pacing and pit stops will be practiced. Visit the LW Coaching website http://lwcoaching.com/ to ask training plan questions on our forum, read mountain bike specific training articles, learn new workouts and see what events our coaches and athletes have been racing.

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