24-Hour Solo Race Plan (Mountain Bike)

This is the plan for a 24-hour solo endurance racer who is looking to finalize their preps for a 24 Hour Solo Mountain Bike Race. This plan is detailed and committing, assuming performance at this 24-hour event is one of the top priorities in your life for the next 16 weeks. The plan has both big hours and hard training. It is a plan that will test your limits, and let you determine proper pacing and nutritional guidelines for your race. Due to the physical nature of mountain biking, there is also a couple days a week with associated strength workouts to ensure your body is maintaining good core and foundation strength. Weekly total training hours range from 8 to 25 hours. You will progress through 3 different Mesocycles of 4 weeks, 3 weeks building and 1 week rest. After the first block, you will complete a 20min Field Test to establish your final Power and Heart Rate Training Zones. The last Mesocycle before the Taper/Rest period will be your highest volume week. Circle these weeks on your calendar and look as much race prep as you can with hydration and fueling! Another possibility to add in volume and a deeper base fitness, is to commute to/from work. If you have the ability to do this, you can add a good 20-30min a day extra from commuting, or incorporate your workouts into a commute. During this program, it would also be beneficial to get some time in using your nighttime set up. Early morning or early evening rides are good for doing this. You don't have to nor is it recommended to do a long night training! Just make sure you have safe and efficient lights! Best of luck, and please visit www.fascatcoaching.com to read training tips or get in touch with us!

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