24 week Ironman, Advanced Beginner to Intermediate, Bike Focus, 6.5-14.5 hrs/week

This 24-week Ironman plan is designed for an advanced beginner to Intermediate athlete, who has completed a half-ironman in the past. The focus of this plan is to work on bike strength, so it works well for athletes for whom cycling is a limiter. But fear not: the plan also includes swim and run workouts that will build on your strengths in those areas. The plan features at least 4 days of cycling, and sometimes 5, with 3 days of swimming and 4 days of running (some running days are low duration). Before starting this plan, athletes should be able to swim 2000-2500 yards (continuously or as masters' style sets), bike 2-3 hours continuously, and run 75-90 minutes continuously. The plan includes benchmark testing to calculate HR and power zones, along with a calculator to determine those zones. Intermittent testing is also included. The plan allows for the inclusion of a half-ironman as a tune up race. Athletes who purchase this plan may contact the coach for one-hour consultations (to be done via phone, skype or similar service) for advice about pacing, nutrition, questions about zones, and the like. These consultations will be discounted 20% off the current rates listed at www.nolimitsendurance.com/services. Athletes who purchase this plan may have access to our private Facebook Group. Email maria@nolimitsendurance.com for access. This space offers a place to ask training and racing questions, and get advice from fellow athletes as well as the No Limits Coaches. Join us on Facebook and let us know how the training goes and how the race goes! http://www.facebook.com/nolimitsendurance

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