28 Day Sample Training Plan for Mountain Bikers

Download your free sample using the coupon 'free28daysampleplan' This plan lets you have a sample of one of our training plans, to learn how TrainingPeaks works and experience some of the sessions you might find in our plans. We encourage you to take your time and read the instructions fully to make the most of TrainingPeaks and your plan. Find out what is involved in one of our Training Plans and see what progress you can make in just 4 weeks. Feel like you need more than 3 sessions per week? Why not sign up to our Privateer Personal Training Plan, available at www.dirtschool.co.uk. To complete this training plan, you will need: • A bike • A bike friendly stopwatch or timer • Sufficient spare time to complete the prescribed sessions • Access to safe, off road trails Additional training tools to help you make the most of your training plan: • A bike computer with GPS, heart rate monitor with stopwatch function • An indoor trainer • A power meter You can improve your skills and technique by using the Dirt School Mountain Bike Skills App on iTunes and Google Play.

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