280W FTP Rider - 12 Week Winter Plan - Cycling - Includes CompuTrainer .erg Files

This 12 week Winter plan is for use by cyclists and/or triathletes wanting to maintain and develop their aerobic capacity over the Winter and to prepare themselves well for higher intensity training in the pre-season phase. The plan does not involve large numbers of long road rides during the training week, normally just one 3-4 hour ride, but this can be substituted for an indoor session. The workouts within the plan are designed with slowly increasing weekly Training Stress Score (TSS) totals with scheduled lighter training load weeks included to allow adequate recovery.

The planned training loads have been established using predicted workout TSS values rather than being purely time based. The aims of the plan are to build aerobic capacity, to include some higher intensity sessions, and to prepare the athlete for a Chronic Training Load (CTL) build when the weather improves in the Spring.

The plan is best suited to cyclists and/or triathletes who have been involved in cycle training in one form or another for 12 months or more, are used to regular training, and are looking to establish a very firm fitness base over the Winter without spending a large number of hours exposed to the elements each week. The plan also allows athletes to get the very best from the features available in what will have been a very substantial investment, their CompuTrainer or VeloTron ergotrainer.

With the exception of the scheduled road rides all of the workouts in the plan come complete with .erg files attached to the workouts with the loads scaled to your specific FTP. The .erg files are for use with CompuTrainer or VeloTron ergotrainers manufactured by RacerMate. The .erg files ensure that the loads applied during each session are optimised to your personal abilities and fitness and that you are therefore training at the optimal intensity to secure the desired physiological adaptations.

Because the workouts are scaled to your personal FTP it is essential that you establish your FTP prior to purchasing and commencing your plan. A failure to do this will result in the workouts in the plan being either too hard or too easy.

The plans for sale are for convenience available in 20W FTP increments. If you find that during your preliminary testing your FTP falls between these increments, and you definitely wish to purchase a plan, please contact me via email as: qfieldboden@gmail.com. I will then prepare a copy of the plan scaled to within 2.5W of your FTP as I have available all the required .erg files in 5W increments. I can normally complete a request for an FTP specific plan within 48 hours of a firm decision to purchase. The plan will then be made available on the site for you to purchase and thereafter will be available in your TrainingPeaks calendar.

The plan uses a higher intensity lower volume plan model which has been gaining in popularity and support in recent years as some riders and their coaches move away from the Long Slow Distance (LSD) Winter training model. This approach is a possible solution for many riders who want to perform well but who do not have the time (or weather) to build vast training volumes during the Winter months.

As part of the plan it is also suggested that you swim and walk once a week simply to provide an alternative exercise which can also of course be performed with family or friends. The swimming session is intended to be purely for pleasure and may well just involve an hour in the pool doing some steady relaxing swimming. The scheduled walking session is again optional and simply ensures that exercise other than cycling is being enjoyed and should ideally take the form of a 60-120 minute brisk walk, an activity surprisingly neglected by many cyclists but a very beneficial one.

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