3 Month Off-Season Triathlon Plan

Designed by coach Ben Greenfield, this 3 month off-season plan for a triathlon includes detailed daily workouts that show exactly how to let the body repair and recover from triathlon race season, while preparing strength, balance, foundation and flexibility for the upcoming season. Training volume consists of 6-10 training hours per week, with a limited amount of swimming, cycling and running, and an emphasis on cross-training and resistance training. You should supplement this plan with Ben Greenfield's "Healthy Triathlon Off-Season Seminar". In this 70 minute audio seminar from triathlete coach Ben Greenfield, you’ll learn exactly what you should be doing in this winter to prepare for the 2010 triathlon season. Discover the perfect swim, bike, run and cross-training workouts, as well as the ideal off-season nutrition and dietary supplementation protocol. This lecture is perfect for the beginner triathlete up to the seasoned Ironman. You can get the lecture at: https://goo.gl/WbZ5Jq

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