3 month training- Strength 1, Strength 2 and Plyometrics -Advanced rider - 2017

The off-season is the perfect time to improve your cycling, work to improve your weaknesses, and have fun while still gaining bike specific fitness. This 12 week training plan has 2 blocks of training and strength phases and 1 phase of plyometrics and lactate threshold training that will work to build full body strength and fitness and help prepare you for your first races of the season. Before beginning this training and strength program, we assume you have a basic base of strength and aerobic exercise training. The first phase of this training plan is the Strength 1 Phase. During this phase, the athlete (you) will gradually build a base fitness of strength and endurance that will later be applied to the more advanced phases of strength, plyometrics, and on bike training. This phase will aim to make you are more complete athlete with challenging full body strength exercises and workouts on the bike to increase your leg speed and leg strength. After a recovery week, you will move into the second phase of training and strength. These new strength exercises continue to get more challenging and include plyometrics and balance. The on bike workouts aim to increase endurance and lactate threshold with plenty of tempo (zone 3) and endurance rides. Every Sunday is an "athlete choice" day because we believe the off season should be balanced with other fun activities- hiking, skiing, nordic skiing, yoga, CX racing, etc. A second recovery week leads into the final phase of training and strength; plyometrics and on-bike sprints. Strong muscles now become powerful muscles as you progress into explosive movements. Your aerobic engine continues to grow with plenty of LT training and some VO2 max workouts. All strength exercises and some of the more complex on-bike workouts come with a YouTube 'how to' video to make sure you understand and are completing each exercises with proper form.

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