3 Month Weight Loss For Men Over 40 - One on One Coaching with Dr Jeff Banas for a Half Marathlon

This is one-on-one personal coaching with Dr. Jeff Banas (AKA Fatman to Ironman).

What if you had your very own personal coach (who also is a Doctor) create your training and nutrition plans just for you and he was available to answer any of your questions anytime you needed him?

Do you wonder if there is some untapped speed in your body that could be unleashed with the right training plan?

Do you want complete guidance on how to achieve your fitness, performance and nutrition goals, with zero guesswork?

Were you once an athlete, but then life just got in the way and over the years gained a few pounds?

Are you tired, maybe even a little depressed and feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you want to bring back the old you?

Do you want to lose weight, improve your athletic performance, regain your sexual vitality, have more energy and just be happier and feel better?

Dr. Jeff will help coach you to a new you.

Train for an event, 10K, half marathon, marathon or triathlon while at the same time losing weight.

Dr. Banas doesn’t mess around when it comes to help you reach your goals.

No fad diets, gimmick supplements or false promises. Dr. Banas uses the ultimate combination of science based training protocols, online tracking graphs and charts, videos, training instructions, and instant communication with Dr. Banas by his personal cell phone or email ANY TIME you have a question.

Dr. Banas will created weekly training program specifically for you. He will also review your daily diet and food journal to help achieve optimal performance and/or your optimal weight.

Personalized Weekly training with UNLIMITED contact with Dr. Jeff, along with weekly phone or Skype consultations.

Your plan will be made in our state of the art on-line training software.

Every week Dr. Jeff will log on to the training software and see how your training is going and the write up the next weeks training plan. Your training plans will be built specifically for you. No generic or pre-made training plans.

To reassure you are really dealing with me, Dr. Jeff Banas, directly please feel free e-mail me at drjeffbanas@gmail.com call me on my cell phone at 480-201-5694.

When you purchase this program, add Dr. Jeff as your coach in Training Peaks with this link:


Then fill out the New Client Intake form which is in the attachment of this plan in Training Peaks and email it to Dr. Jeff at drjeffbanas@mail.com Dr. Jeff will then send you the nutrition guidelines and set up a time to talk more about your goals and training plan.

This plan is for men and includes specific protocols on how to increase Testosterone Levels, reduce estrogen levels and lose body fat.

3 months of personal coaching $450

For more information about Dr Jeff go to www.DrJeffBanas.com.

480-633-6837 drjeffbanas@gmail.com

You can pay for this coaching plan with your Flex or Health Saving Account, but you will need to contact Dr. Jeff for payment. drjeffbanas@gmail.com



Once you purchase the plan through PAYPAL please send a copy of the PayPal invoice to drjeffbanas@gmail.com.

He will then send you a new client form to fill out and arrange a time to talk on the phone or Skype to talk about your goals and your training.

Dr Jeff Banas drjeffbanas@gmail.com Office phone 480-633-6837 Personal Cell Phone 480-201-5694

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