3 sessions per week - Turbo Training Made Easy

Do you have a turbo trainer or indoor trainer but don't know where to start? This plan will give you a structured plan of short workouts to help you get into shape in just 4 weeks! By following this training plan, you will improve your fitness in less than 3 hours per week. It is also our mission to help you learn training and fitness essentials as you improve your fitness while enjoying your favourite trails. To complete this training plan, you will need: • Access to a bike and indoor trainer or exercise bike •A bike friendly stopwatch or timer • Sufficient spare time to complete the prescribed sessions Additional training tools to help you make the most of your training plan: • A heart rate monitor with stopwatch function • A power meter. You can also improve your skills and technique by using the Dirt School Mountain Bike Coaching App available on The App Store. Android version coming soon.

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