30 day Jump Rope Challenge

Another Team Springs 30 Day Passport To Wellness Challenge! Stick to the plan, do the daily workouts and you'll notice a difference in energy level and stamina! Make no mistake! This is a total body workout, hitting all muscle groups over the course of the challenge. Obviously your legs are a big part of this. But your arms, hands and wrists will feel it also.. Your core - stomach and back muscles should be actively engaged in the exercise and will help support all your work, as they do in any exercise. Some definitions and tips: Warm-up prior to your first jump, especially if you're doing this first thing in the morning. Your warm-up could include, walking in place for a minute, the add high knees. It may seem obvious but... To jump rope hold the handles of the rope in each hand. Your head and neck remain neutral as the spine and torso are tall with the shoulders back. Use a light knee and ankle motion while jumping on the balls of your feet. Bounce Step - Done with both feet at the same time from a symmetrical stance. Alternate Foot - A single leg jump rope activity. While jumping, alternate the feet every time the rope passes through. Jumping jack step - Use the same foot/leg movement you would use during jumping jacks while jumping rope. Don't try to do the same arm motion though! It won't work! Skier step - Jump rope while jumping a few inches to your right, then a few inches to your left, alternating from side to side

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