30 weeks Ironman and Half-Ironman Plan: BASE I, week 1-4

Following this plan will prepare you for your Ironman or Half-Ironman event in 30 weeks. Base period consists of two cycles: Base I and Base II, with Base I lasting 12 and Base II lasting 8 weeks. Base I period is identical for both distances. Specific preparation in Race Prep and Racing periods will be different. This plan has been used successfully by many athletes and probed for more than 10 years! Base I key skills in focus: endurance (short/long), power endurance, cadence, speed and fast power Base II key skills in focus: endurance (short/long), power endurance, fast power, speed. This plan covers first 4 weeks of Base I preparation period and marks the beginning of the season. It normally follows the “Quick Start” 4 weeks phase after the transition period. Base I period lays the foundation for the development of the most critical skill for the long-distance triathlete: Power Endurance. This is how we do it: 1) We focus on unspecific power first - by dedicating over-proportionate time and effort to strength and conditioning of core muscles and key mover muscle groups. A small number of repetitions (8 to 10) should trigger growth in absolute power, making you a “complete athlete”. Such power training should always be accompanied by a good warm-up and a quality stretching. An additional “cardio” base endurance session is added as an extended warm-down. 2) We are “back to speed” on the running track and in the pool: We do short intervals (60m and 100m running sprints and 15-25-50-100m sprints in the pool) to increase max speed and stimulate neuromuscular coordination. Focused, quality effort is expected during these sessions. They are short and somewhat furious (which makes them fun as well!) 3) Cycling training is unspecific and is mostly MTB. Some indoor cycling should be integrated into the "cardio" part of the strength and conditioning. Nevertheless, we do work on our “cycling legs" during the gym sessions, and also power runs. The weekly “routine” established in this period will be reflected in all other periods, so it is really important to find a well-balanced and life-enhancing timing for your training - and recovery. Have fun! We do it because we love it!

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