4.2 MASTERS Winter Base Phase 2, Coggan WKO4 PD Curve iLevels, 8-12Hrs, Wks 11-18

The ALL NEW iLEVEL plans for MASTERS will be the difference maker in your base training this winter! This 8-week base building plan was designed by coach Tim Cusick, WK04 product leader and master coach with Velocious Endurance Coaching and devised to be used as the next step to 2.1 Winter Base Training, Coggan Classic Training Levels. This CUTTING EDGE plan, utilizes TrainingPeaks WKO4 and the Power Duration Curve. Your workout prescription will be individualized based on your data following the PD curve, as you gain fitness. I Level plans are for the serious competitive power training cyclist, whether you are racing or getting ready for a big event, these plans will give you all the tools you need to kick start your season. You will need to have a power meter and TrainingPeaks WKO4 software. * This plan uses the MOST ADVANCED I LEVEL TRAINING PROTOCOL developed by Dr. Andy Coggan, that will take your training and racing to the NEXT LEVEL. The plan will be using the new training metrics available in WKO4, like FTP/FRC, FRC, and PMAX. Go to TrainingPeaks WKO4 Education to find out more about this exciting software. NEW INTENSIVE AND EXTENSIVE WORKOUTS--- PROGRESSIVE AND FATIGUE RESISTANCE INTERVALS--- INCREASE YOUR FUNCTIONAL RESERVE CAPACITY (FRC) AND YOUR TIME TO EXHAUSTION (TTE)---ALL PLANS HAVE PREDICTED TSS---NEW UNSTRUCTURED ONGOING TESTING---FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH EBOOK Many of these new cutting edge workouts are discussed in Coach Cusick’s Training Peaks FREE WKO4 webinars. Check out these awesome educational webinars today! Copy paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOhzd0zmrJznNH_fz5oO9UwwVm_KXsLQ3

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