4.8 - CYCLOCROSS: CX 18 Weeks - Prep & Race Season Intermediate Riders by Hunter Allen

This training plan is made for cyclists who train with power, heart rate, or perceived exertion. We have provided an eBook on the first day of the plan that contains testing protocol and explains how to set your training zones within TrainingPeaks. That will allow you to know exactly where you are starting with the plan and provide the correct information for testing in the future. Want to get a head start on your Cyclocross season? This is your chance. I have put together Cyclocross training plans for athletes looking for the extra edge heading into their season. This 18 week plan will lead up to the start of your season and take you through your season. This plan will be the perfect edge to get you ahead! This plan is built for the intermediate cyclist in CX and that has a solid level of fitness from cycling. This plan is for someone with 8-12 hours of training time per week. (Note: some of the weeks will show more time, but that's because you have multiple workout choices on some days). Make this your best season yet!

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