4 Month B2VT Training Plan (Start on Feb 13th, 2017)

This is a 16 week training plan for the 2017 B2VT. This plan has 4 days a week of on bike work, with an optional 5th day, accompanied by 1 day a week of off-bike body maintenance and core strengthening work. This plan is also progressive in terms of both volume and intensity which leads up to a taper before the ride. If the athlete needs to reduce the volume of a workout, they should do so by removing an ENTIRE interval versus reducing the length of each interval. Then, they are required to perform 80 burpees for their insubordination ;-) Also, each athlete should perform an FTP / LTHR test the week before the plan starts to ensure they are training in the proper zones. Information regarding how to test your FTP / LTHR can be found here: https://gaffneycyclingcoaching.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/what-is-ftp-how-do-we-test-it-and-why-do-we-use-it/ Information regarding how to set your training zones post test can be found here: https://gaffneycyclingcoaching.wordpress.com/2015/11/21/what-are-the-power-training-zones-and-what-do-they-mean/ OK GO!

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