4-Month Base to Race Plan Mountain Bike

This is a 4-month (16-week) plan to bring a mountain biker from base training, through the build period, and into Mountain Bike specific race fitness. This program would work well for Cat.3 (Beginner) through Cat.1 (Expert) mountain bikers and for any category cyclist that is time constrained. Along with this program you will get unlimited communication via email for any questions you may have.

This program does end with an "A" level race but you don't necessarily need to have a race to peak for but you will ready for one if you do. If you don't have a race then we will use that day to repeat the field test done at the beginning of the program to evualate gains.

Before beginning the program the athlete should have 4 - 6 weeks of consistently riding 5 days a week. Weekly hours for this program will vary from 8 - 10 hours but you will have the ability to adjust this somewhat for your available training time. If you have any questions please email us at http://burnhamcoaching.com/?page_id=218.

FAQ Q: Is this program appropriate for a new cyclist? A: Possibly. If you have been riding pretty consistently for a while but haven’t trained seriously then yes it would be good for a beginning cyclist. If you are brand new to the sport and have been riding for less than a year then this might be a little advanced. We offer a few other programs that would be more appropriate or contact us for a customized program.

Q: What if I have questions on the workouts or program? A: You can contact us at any time via email.

Q: Do I need to be training to race to use this program? A: No, this program will get you ready to race but is not required. The goal of the program is to create a well rounded cyclist that could compete if they desire.

Q: Does this program include any nutritional guidelines? A: No, this program doesn’t include a nutritional guide. Contact us if you are interested in that service.

Q: Do I have to start this program on a specified date? A: No, you can start this program whenever you desire.

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