4 - Peak for Your Running Race (6 runs per week)

Runners, customize your training with four step-by-step training plan modules:

1 – Establish Your Base

2 – Develop Your Base

3 – Build Upon Your Base

4 – Peak for Your Race

This 4-week training plan (“4 – Peak for Your Race”) is the final training block in a 4-module series. Together, the four modules provide you with the key training blocks and workouts to progress through your season from base training to racing.

Use this 4-week training block after you’ve completed the first three training plan modules. This plan provides you with a 3-week taper to your target race, followed by a post-race recovery week.

Where you go from here depends on where you are in your season.

If you have two or more closely spaced A-level races, maintain your peak fitness by repeating the second or third weeks of this plan.

If you’re in the middle of the season and your next A-level race occurs later in the year; return to one of the first two base building modules after one or two recovery weeks. Then build from there to your target race or races at the end of the season.

If you’re at the end of your season; take a week off plus several unstructured easy weeks to refresh physically and mentally before beginning the new season by returning to the first base training module.

Suggested distances/durations for each workout are provided along with guidelines for modifying key interval workouts; allowing you to adjust up or down according to your personal starting point, rate of progression, and the race distance you are training for.

Together, all four modules in the series provide you with the basic training blocks you need to implement the approach detailed in The Triathlete's Training Guide by coach Adam Hodges.

To get the most out of this plan, use it along with the information in the book and the resources found on the Alp Fitness website (alpfitness.com). Train smart!

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