4 Week FasCat Power Meter Starter Plan

Welcome to the FasCat 4 week PowerMeter Starter Plan. This plan is meant to get you started with your new Power meter. You will start with a 20 minute field test to help set up your wattage training zones. Complete the 20 minute test and then take 90 - 95% of that 20 minute effort to use for your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). Once you finish the test you will complete two weeks of a basic aerobic building program. Workouts included will be sweet spot intervals and tempo burst intervals. Sweet Spot is the most advanced aerobic activity you can do. Then on the 4th week you will have a rest week. On the weekends you will have a workout followed by an endurance paced ride. Feel free to substitute a group ride in. If the group ride is intense you can use that instead of your intervals as you will be getting the efforts in. Otherwise your group ride can be your zone 2 day.

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