4 week - Inspired Training Center - PerfPro Linked Smart Trainer Workouts

Welcome and thanks for choosing this 4 week training plan linked with PerfPro software for your smart trainer. Except for a few select recovery rides, each workout throughout this whole plan has a PerfPro workout file linked in the workout description (20 total PP files). This plan is designed to provide the structure and guidance necessary to build your aerobic capacity and endurance, muscular endurance and strength, and overall pedaling proficiency, as well as incorporating some good intensity. The language of the workouts are written in clear and common terminology centered around your individual Heart Rate and Power zones. The 12 weeks are structured around a few full blocks of training which are then followed by a recovery week so that your body can recuperate and adapt to the workloads. This plan would best be applied when leading into racing season training. With that said, one of the most important things is to train yourself to ride easy. A successful day out on an easy or "Active Recovery Ride" will see your average watts at roughly half of what your current threshold power is set at. Similarly, a long Zone 2 ride should have your average wattage around 65-70% of your threshold. Some tips and techniques for keeping your intensity lower are as follows; 1) Anticipate your gearing when the terrain and gradient changes. As a hill pitches up, shift before you are forced to ride hard just to turn over the larger gear. 2) Do not accelerate hard from stops or lights. Often you will naturally sprint a little to get back up to cruising speed, try and avoid this. These rides are about the correct intensity rather than speed, so take your time accelerating. 3) Leave your ego at home. It is easier said than done sometimes but do not get caught up feeling like you have something to prove against other riders out there. Let elderly people on cruiser bikes pass you on your easy days and you will be the better for it. 4) Go slow to go fast. If you ever get a chance to ride with a high level competitor on one of their easy or chill days, do it! You will find almost categorically that the people who are the fastest on race day are the ones that know how to go the slowest on recovery days. Thanks again for choosing this plan and happy riding to you!

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