4 Week Speed Builder (Soper Performance Coaching)

A four week plan to develop short term muscular endurance suitable for use in the build up to a target event. This plan will help to build the ability to push a higher power output for those shorter intensities that are commonplace in road, criterium and time trial racing. Based on using Functional Threshold Power this plan is designed to be flexible to allow you to alter training sessions within any given week to fit in with your lifestyle commitments. Week 4 has been designed to allow you to alter the Saturday and Sunday final sessions if you desire to replace this with your target event. NOTE: This plan is developed on basis of using functional threshold power. To maximise the benefits of this it is recommend to conduct functional threshold power test prior to starting to ensure correct setting of training zones. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions related to this plan. We are always happy to assist where we can.

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