50 mile - 100K Ultra Marathon Plan on 50 miles per week

This plan is designed to give you the skills you need to effectively race a 50 mile or 100K race in 24 weeks. This plan is designed to facilitate busy schedules and gives ample rest with days off per week on the most important days, Monday and Friday! This plan includes an at home strength routine that can be completed anywhere you are, this plan is great for professional or busy people on the go without access to a full gym. This plan is great for a beginner or for an athlete who's completed a 50K and is looking to take the next step! Strength These rest days will include an optional at-home strength routine that can be completed to help keep you strong for your goal race. Optional Race An optional 50K race is suggested in week 19 or is considered a 'long day out' where you can focus on time on feet if a 50K race is not feasible in that time period.

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