50 mile Mountain Bike "The Next Level" Program 11-17 hr a week

This 12 week plan is designed to get you to your top fitness for a 50 mile race at the end of the program This training plan can be used with power and/or heart rate training. You will need to have 11-17 hours to train per week to do this program with a majority of the longer rides happening on the weekends. This program is for the dedicated rider/racer looking to take their racing to the next level. This 50 mile training program works on a combination of great fitness, speed, power, pacing, and proper fueling. Every weekend, you will have a longer ride focusing on proper fueling mixed with great pacing. This plan will have you peaked and ready to race full speed ahead at the end of the program. The workouts in this plan will give you precise instructions on what you need to do everyday of the week. A heart rate monitor is required for this training plan and you will set up your heart rate training zones in the first week of training. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to review other free training articles, please go to my website www.coachdrewedsall.com for more information

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