5k Open Water Swim - 12 Week Training Plan

This 5k Open Water training plan assumes the athlete has already been swimming consistently (generally 3-4 times per week, for approximately 1800-2500m per session). The athlete will go through two periodized builds, with rest weeks and a “practice” race. This plan takes into account that the athlete might be using this 5k race as preparation for a triathlon or other long-distance endurance event, and it can be modified to suit the athlete’s over-riding annual training plan by ensuring the key breakthrough workouts are accomplished each week. The athlete should perform a Lactate Threshold (or Critical Swim Speed) test in Week 1 and in Week 9 as training paces will be based on this. You can perform this test on your own or have a friend or coach do the timing and recording. MAIN AREAS OF DEVELOPMENT The following are the eight areas of development over the course of course of the program: 1) Establish Consistency 2) Recovery 3) Stroke Economy 4) Threshold Development 5) Sustained Endurance 6) Fine Tuning 7) Taper RECOMMENDED TRAINING TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Finis Tempo Trainer Pro* Finis Freestyler Paddles* Finis Agility Paddles* Training Fins Wetsuit Good Goggles for Pool and OW Training *Optional, but a wise investment DESCRIPTION OF WEEKLY SESSIONS Session 1: Monday or Tuesday workout – Threshold Development Session 2: Wednesday or mid-week workout. This is virtually non-negotiable and is the weekly workout that will be the key to your success in your first 5k. This session is where you’ll develop stamina and mental toughness and really get to know your endurance pace. Session 3: Thursday or Friday workout: Technique, Drills and Open Water Skills Session 4: Weekend workout: Long Aerobic Intervals (i.e. 4 x 800 and the like) or Long Open Water Swim

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