5K Run Training Plan (Novice / Intermediate), 12 Weeks, Race Day on Sunday, Starts Any Time

Congratulations for taking on the challenge of a 5k run! Designed for the NOVICE to INTERMEDIATE level runner, this 12-week structured and periodized run training plan will prepare you for your 5k run.

coach and athlete krista schultzHand-crafted by USA Triathlon-certified coach and elite triathlete Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS this plan encapsulates her exercise physiology expertise with more than a decade of experience as as an endurance athlete and as a coach who has coached hundreds of other athletes to success.

Your plan includes 4 run workouts 2 strength training workouts and one day off per week with the option to substitute one of the runs with an easy bike or swim. Your plan progresses from 3 to 4 hours (max) of training per week with Monday as the designated off day. You will perform 3 tests during the training period to initially determine then update your training zones. If you are not able to complete all the workouts running then you may substitute periods of walking as needed for the workout time given.

Included with the purchase of your plan is a comprehensive downloadable training guide and the option to email the author (krista@enduranceworks.net) with any questions about the plan.

Please note: This plan starts any time so pick your start day 12 weeks before your target race day (week one is race week). This plan version assumes your target race is on a Sunday. If your race is on Saturday, please select our "Race Day on Saturday" plan version.

krista schultz coaching certifications

Questions? Please visit us on the web at enduranceworks.net or email Krista directly at: krista@enduranceworks.net.

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