6.2 Time Trial Power Build Phase, Coggan WKO4 PD Curve iLevels, 8-12 hrs a week, Weeks 15-22

Train with the coach of the world ITT champion Amber Neben! This 8-week plan is the second portion of the 6.4 Full Season Time Trial 26-week iLevels plan developed by Tim Cusick, Training Peaks WKO4 product leader and master coach with Velocious Endurance Coaching. This plan uses WKO4 and the Power Duration Curve, which means that your workout prescription will be individualized based on your data following the PD Curve as you gain fitness. iLevel plans are for the serious, competitive, power-training cyclist. Whether you’re racing or getting ready for a big event, these plans will give you all the tools you need to kick start your season. You will need to have a power meter and TrainingPeaks WKO4 software. This plan uses the MOST ADVANCED ILEVEL TRAINING PROTOCOL developed by Dr. Andy Coggan, as well as the new training metrics available in WKO4, like FTP/FRC, FRC, and PMAX. Visit the TrainingPeaks WKO4 Education Center to find out more about this exciting software. When performing workouts at higher intensities, we recommend that you refer to the Optimized Intervals report within WKO4 to find the exact intensity you should do the workout out. The Optimized Intervals report displays the optimal interval intensity for you as an individual, based on your actual training history and abilities. Choosing the right plan can be difficult. If you're finding yourself confused, or if you'd like an overview planner of this plan, please contact Coach Kathy Watts at kathy@velociouscyclingadventures.com. Our training plans are so powerful you won't need a coach!

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