6+ Hr MTB Race - 3 Training Days/Wk - Competitor

[ Ideal Target Race -> Your ideal target race goal should be approximately 6 to 8 hours to finish with the focus of the training being on endurance, climbing and dialing in your ideal race pace. I have provided a Program And Workout Modifications section with recommended adjustments to this training plan for target races that could take you 8+ hours to complete or races with faster paces and minimal climbing. [ Who Is This For -> Existing mid pack age group endurance racer looking to take things to the next level or someone who has been been riding for a couple years and wanting some structured training for a good finish in their first endurance race. [ Racing During The Program -> Please do… - Race simulation rides are included in the schedule every weekend throughout the back half of the program so you can dial in your race pace on terrain similar to your target race or do some actual racing. - Test sessions, either off-road time trials or threshold tests are scheduled at the ends of recovery weeks and are ideal sessions to swap for weekend races throughout the training program. [ Timeline Overview -> This program is 19 weeks long and broken down into 3 periods and 1 race week. The first 8 week period is for building base endurance and force before moving into the next 8 weeks that builds up your race specific fitness. These periods are followed by 2 taper weeks and your final race week. The max individual workout/ride length is 5 hours and 40 minutes. I have provided a Program And Workout Modifications section to account for some varying endurance race lengths, paces and individual situations.

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