6 Week Beginner Strength Training & Lean Body Plan

Are you just beginning your journey to fitness? Perhaps you've heard that lean muscle will boost your metabolism, flatten your stomach, tone your arms, lift your chest, tighten your butt and even "give you "youth". -------------------------- You've heard right! --------------------------- It can be intimidating to figure out exactly *how* to safely and effectively add lean muscle to replace fat. Are you doing damage to your joints? Are you "wasting your time" with ineffective exercises? Are you doing cookie-cutter programs from magazines, and guessing about how to perform the exercises correctly? ---------------------------- This plan is the solution for the novice exerciser who needs to begin adding lean muscle, or the experienced exerciser who has never tried strength training. Designed to introduce the body to an effective 6 weeks of fitness, the program is split into three separate 2 week components, each building upon the next. Over the entire 6 weeks, you will feel your joints, muscles and ligaments grow firmer and stronger, and watch those "sagging" body parts become lifted and toned! ------------------------------ The plan author is Ben Greenfield, the 2008 personal trainer of the year, and a nationally recognized fitness and nutrition expert. You're given details instructions, and full access to the TrainingPeaks library of photos for *every* exercise in the plan - so there is zero guesswork! At a fraction of the cost of personal training or an expensive DVD and book series, you can now enjoy watching your body become firm and toned as you begin your 6 Week Beginner Strength Training Plan.

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