6 Week Cycling Off-Season Strength Program

USAT Level I, USAC Level III Coach Patrick Casey brings performance and injury prevention training to a new level using creative workouts to keep your core and stabilizer muscles balanced and strong! Patrick's background as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) combined with years of being coached as a Cat 1, and coaching cyclists of various disciplines provides a diverse training plan to focus on areas many endurance athletes fall short on in their training: Hips, Lower back, Shoulders, Abdominals, Hamstrings and Flexibility. You won't need a gym for any of these workouts, but its useful to have access to one! The only training gear you'll need is: yoga mat, stability ball, mini band, kettle bells or dumbbells, bosu ball (resistance band - PerformBetter.com,) and your commitment to get stronger!

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