6 Week Fall Foundation Plan

This is a 6 week fall foundation training plan. This plan is meant to follow a racing season. Good to start after a solid weeks rest / time off. This plan has to two goals. The first goal is to keep up fitness before the dark days of winter come! This is a great opportunity to get a head start on the next season! The second goal would be to work on strength and also your pedaling technic and form. This plan is broken down into 2 blocks, each block is two weeks long followed by a rest week. Both blocks inducing long weekend rides with the option for a fun group ride! They also have easy endurance weekday rides with an opportunity to work on some skills. You will also have core / strength workout. The first block includes sweet spot workouts and cadence drills. The sweet spot work is to help maintain aerobic fitness. They will include different burst to help target different muscles groups. Than there are also cadence drills. You work on pedaling over 100 rpm and occasionally at effort. Work on form and keep from bouncing on the saddle. If need be ride at a slightly lower rpm and work your way up while maintaining form. The second block will start more strength based workouts. You will do muscle tension intervals. These are low cadence drills down at tempo / sweet spot. You are able to keep up with your aerobic activity while building muscle strength. The other workouts you will be doing are single leg pedaling. These you do not have to worry about effort, but about smoothness and form. Again you want to be able to pedal without bouncing. Work on pedaling through the whole pedal stroke. After these 6 weeks would be a perfect time to start a 2 week off season break. Then you can begin to do a resistance training program, build strength and start the base period.

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