6 Week Fundemental Strength kick starter (Level - medium)

Looking to kick start some physical training? Need some guidance and new training ideas? This 6 week plan encompasses strength training, running, biking, stretching and will encourage you to develop a routine around exercise, learn new exercises, increase your strength and build confidence in your exercise ability and if following a proper nutritional plan, lose body fat and lean up. This Plan is designed for individuals who are looking to increase their general fitness and strength. Based from a home, gym or outdoor environment, this 6 week program caters to an array of individuals and has had proven success with a number of Revamp Fitness clients. Although not a typical triathlon plan, it is an initial base to encourage the individual to develop a routine of training, initial strength and mobility (prior to increasing other endurance activities) and it allows for a busy schedule and taking into consideration work or family commitments. It is recommended that you have previously completed training for 4+ days a week and are familiar with gym exercises. Alternatively please see my plans that cater for newbees to training, newbees to the gym or more specific developments in either running, biking or swimming. Any questions email Revamp Coaching.

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